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Galaxy Geometric #1 Nail Stickers
Nail Stickers

Galaxy Geometric #1 Nail Stickers

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One size only.

Which Size To Pick?

Our Nail Decals sheets come in sizes: Standard, Medium, Large & Extra Large.

(Except for Pattern Nail Decals, those come in 5.09cm x 5.09cm sheets)

*Please note that these are Nail Decals and not Nail Wraps therefore are not meant to cover the entire nail*

Each of these sizes sheets contain their own 3 different Nail Decal sizes in order to fit every fingernail from little pinky to the thumb. You can find the dimensions in the product description or here:

If you are unsure which size option to pick, please read the following in order to find out which size sheet is more suitable for your needs. 


The reason this is the standard size is because this option will fit any size nails even super short nails. This option is mostly recommended for natural nails as they are rather small. You can still place these on longer or false nails but they may look too small on them.


This option is again recommended for natural nails. They will not fit super short but will look great on slightly longer medium natural nails. Again, you can place these on long or false nails but they may look too small on them.


This option will be too big for natural nails but will look great on long false nails. These Nail Decals still won't take up too much space on the nail therefore leaving room for other nail art. 

Extra Large

This option will be too big for natural nails but will also look great on long false nails. This option is great if you want to dedicate a nail solely for the Nail Decal alone as it will take up most of the space on the nail.

No Options available?

We are still adding all of these options to our website but it's a long process. If you desire any of these sizes but there is no option available yet, we can priorities your request. Simply:

  1. Place your order
  2. Right after placing your order, please email sally@shopkeeki with your name/order number. Then the name of your Nail Decal(s) and which size you would like in.

You will get a confirmation from us & Nail Decals will be adjusted as requested.  

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