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Wu-Tang Clan Nail Decals

  • Wu-Tang Clan Nail Decals


This collection includes:

4x Large 

4x Medium 

10x Small 

Step 1: 

 Cut out the Nail Decal using scissors.


Step 2:

Dip the Nail Decal in water for 10-15 Seconds.


Step 3:

Slide the Nail Decal off the white backing.


Step 4:

Place the Nail Decal onto your nail.


Step 5:

Dab off excess water if required with a lint free towel.


Step 6:

Seal it all in with a clear top coat.



If your Nail Decal rips, fix it by: applying a thin layer of regular clear top coat directly onto the Nail Decal sheet. This will work as a 'glue' to hold the Nail Decal together and prevent it from ripping. Let it dry completely and carry out step 1 as normal.


Can you use Nail Decals with gel/acrylic nails?

Yes, you can use Nail Decals on gel/acrylic nails. Just don't encapsulate the Nail Decal with Gel Builder. As placing a layer of Gel Builder on a smooth surface such as a Nail Decal can cause the nail to crack. Just use a regular or gel top coat to seal the Nail Decal in.

If you notice that the Nail Decal is smudged/runny after you placed it onto the nail, try out the instructions in the 'optional' paragraph above. If the Nail Decals continue to smudge, it could be the other products you're using. Any products containing alcohol such as some top coats or acrylic liquid can cause the Nail Decals to smudge. Let your acrylic nails dry completely before placing the Nail Decals on them to prevent the wet acrylic liquid to get in contact with the Nail Decals.

I always advice you to try the Nail Decals out yourself and see how it wears before using them on clients to prevent any mishaps.

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