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Sticky Nail Decal Base Coat
Gel Polish

Sticky Nail Decal Base Coat

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Use with nail decals only. Do not use with nail stickers as those already have an adhesive backing.  Nail stickers adhere better on a completely matte surface  & not a sticky one. 

Unlike Nail Stickers, Nail Decals do not stick to the nail as they do not have an adhesive backing. Therefore, it can be somewhat tricky trying to lay them completely flat onto your nail, especially the full-cover pattern Nail Decals. There are some tricks that can help adhere a Nail Decal to your nail. E.g. placing the Nail Decal onto that tacky layer you get after curing gel nails which makes it stick a lot better. If this does not work for you or you'd like to place them onto acrylic nails, give our Sticky Base Coat a try! It's a UV/LED Gel Base Coat specially formulated to get the Nail Decal to fully stick onto your nail.


  1. Add one coat of the Sticky Base Coat to your nail
  2. Cure it under a UV Lamp for 60 Seconds or 30 Seconds under a LED Lamp
  3. Do not wipe off the tacky layer or touch it
  4. Lay the Nail Decal onto the Nail. Please keep in mind that once you lay the Nail Decal down, it will be stuck in place so be very careful with how you want to position it
  5. Finally, simply seal it all in with a Gel top coat



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