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We are located in the UK but we do you ship to your country! How much you ask? To check out how much the shipping rate is to your country, I've put together a lovely little list with all of the costs right here:


How it all works!

All orders are sent out via Royal Mail (Royal Mail Airmail for international orders). Your options will be displayed at the checkout at the end of your order where you can choose from Standard to Tracked & Signed postage (which ever you prefer).

Once you place an order, you should receive an email right away containing your order receipt followed by a shipping confirmation later on. I would like to advice that once you receive your order receipt to pretty please review your address for any errors/typos. We all make silly mistakes and that's okay, just email the correct address with your name/order number to before your order is shipped out and it will be all sorted out. 

IF for whatever reason your order gets sent out to the wrong address, it could take a while for it to be shipped all the way back to me (and for me to have to ship it out to you again but this time to the correct address). And we all know we're too impatient to wait that long for our precious nail mail so you've all been informed.

Please note that this is a one-lady-company and therefore, there could occur a little delay with shipping out your order when it gets extremely hectic at times. I usually will try my best to ship out all of your orders within 2 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays as the post office will be closed).


How long will it take for my order to get here?

All UK orders could take up to 1-10 working days to arrive

All International orders could take up to 5-30 working days to arrive. If you have received a previous order faster than your current one that's still on it's way, please be assured that the shipping duration always varies due to holidays and  airmail related issues such as weather and slow/extra customs security etc.

Unfortunately, there is no shipping option for international orders to speed up the shipping duration process. To feel more secure and keep up to date with where your order is at there is a Tracked & signed postage option as previously mentioned. 

Please place your order ahead of time if you know that you will need it for a certain time e.g. public holiday, event, appointment with your client/nail technician etc.


I have not received my order! HELP!

Please be patient and wait out the estimated shipping times stated in the paragraph above (please calculate from the date you received your shipping confirmation and not the date you placed your order on) as there is still a high chance for your order to still be on it's way. 

It would be  much easier to locate your order if you have requested for your order to be shipped via Tracked & Signed (option available at the checkout). For this reason the cost will be more than the Standard postage where it's not possible to track your order and thus, no tracking number is provided in your shipping confirmation. Sometimes you will find that the shipping costs more than the actual items you're buying but unfortunately that is beyond my control as those are the shipping company's costs and not mine.

What I have done to cut costs is that I had don't package each individual product. This is to make the overall weight lighter in order to get you cheapest shipping rates possible. And don't worry, it's sturdy and taped enough to prevent it from getting damaged during it's journey around the world. :)

Anyway back to topic, if you have not chosen to track your order, don't worry not all hope is lost. If you have waited out the estimated delivery time as mentioned previously. And have checked that the address you have provided on your order receipt is correct. Then please email me on with your order number/name. *Please do NOT contact me on social media regarding this issue as I can't help you out there!*

As the issue lays with the Royal Mail, I won't be held responsible for your lost order. What I can do however, is that I could fill out their compensation form out for you *per your request of course. (This also counts if your order is damaged caused during shipping.)

I will back this claim up with evidence such:

  • Your order receipt
  • Your email stating you have not received your order
  • Your payment receipt
  • Your IP address from where you placed your order that matches your shipping address (creepy how I receive this data but super handy in this case!)
  • And finally, the postage indicia number (the number I get when I purchase the postage for your order).

Once I've provided all this information to them, they will then start an investigation as to where your order could be. Within 30 (UK) or 90 (International) working days, they will provide either a reason/full-partial refund. Once they do, I will update you with the results.

Regarding the refund part let me explain really quickly: if they have indeed lost your order, they will compensate with a refund. For Standard postage the compensation could be up to £20 and for Tracked & Signed up to £50. So there's another reason to consider your shipping postage options. 

Please be aware that providing false information could result the Royal Mail pursuing legal action against you so please make sure all information provided is 100% correct!


How do I track my order?

You can only track your order if you have paid extra at the checkout for the Tracked & Signed postage option. Your order receipt will then contain a Tracking number which you can enter here:


Help, I've paid shipping costs twice!

If you have placed an order back to back where the first order placed has not been shipped out yet, I will refund you the second shipping costs. Please allow 5-10 working days for the refund to be processed by your bank.


Please note that:

In the unlikely event that your order incurs any customs charges, these will be entirely up to you to pay and we can not be held responsible. 

Also, your bank may or may not charge you conversion fees as we only accept British Pounds,  again that is entirely up to you to pay if that does occur. Each bank varies so I would advise you to contact your bank before placing an order if you're not sure.  

Furthermore, we won't be held responsible once we ship out your items if you have not tracked/signed your order. BUT we can assist you contacting the shipping company regarding this issue.