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Pink Gellac - Tropical Island Collection

Hello everyone, today I have something very exciting to share with you all. Pink Gellac is my go to Gel Polish brand so I was super stoked when I received their brand new Tropical Island Collection. This collection truly captures tropical island vibes with their bright pigmented shades and glitter polishes. These beauties go for £13.50 each, if you'd like to buy them click here.

Before I go ahead and review these gorgeous colours individually, I want to talk a little about this brand and why I recommend them so much. Just in case you have not been introduced to them yet.

Firstly, I was blown away by all of the different choices that they have on their website as there is an impressive range of over a 143 Gel Polish colours available. Whether you are a professional or hobbyist like myself, you are guaranteed a flawless manicure as the formula is so incredibly smooth and easy to work with. Not only is the quality of these Gel Polishes amazing but they are also very affordable in comparison with other mainstream brands. I also love that they have starter kits for beginners which include everything you will need as well as 4 free online courses so everyone can achieve salon quality manicures!

Without further ado, let's proceed onto the swatches! :D

#246 Mermaid Pink

One of the two glitter polishes in this collection is Mermaid Pink. This shade is a beautiful mystical pink with a fine gold glitter undertone. The glitter is super reflective which reminds me of the shimmer on the scales of a mermaid's tail. Simply beautiful. To purchase Mermaid Pink click here.

 #248 Midnight Purple

The second glitter polish in the collection is Midnight Purple. This shade is a gorgeous deep purple glitter polish with a black undertone. It really reminds me of a dark beautiful night with that purple hue a warm tropical island has. To purchase Midnight Purple click here

 #250 Orchid Purple

It wouldn't be a tropical collection without tropical flowers of course! I'm in love with this stunning Orchid Purple polish, it's a very exotic tropical shade. I love my purples so this one is a definite must have. To Purchase Orchid Purple click here.

#247 Sorbet Pink

This polish truly captures that rich pink shade a sorbet has, very accurate and pretty. Just imagine lounging in the sun with your feet in the sand and your nails matching your delicious raspberry sorbet. Sounds like an amazing holiday to me! To purchase Sorbet Pink click here.

#249 Hot Plum

Hot Plum is super fun classic fuchsia shade. I can't help but want to match it with a cute bikini and other summery outfits. A shopping mission I think I can pretty much handle. ;P To purchase Hot Plum click here.

#245 Cocktail Pink

This Cocktail Pink polish is an absolute staple to have as you could never go wrong with a nice bright pink! I can't wait to bring this polish with me on vacation to wear to the beach as it will compliment my tan very nicely. To purchase Cocktail Pink click here.

#244 Hawaii Orange

And finally we have Hawaii Orange which is a beautiful bright orange shade with coral undertones. You only need one coat as this polish is incredibly pigmented. This is definitely one of those shades that looks amazing on every skin tone. To purchase Hawaii Orange click here.


Overall, I absolutely love The Tropical Island Collection. It's very bright and fun which makes me want to go on holiday and brings me in a good mood all round. I encourage everyone to go purchase these amazing shades because trust me, it's worth every penny! Click here if you'd like to buy these beautiful polishes from Pink Gellac

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